We’ve compiled a detailed list of things you should know before shopping for a rug pad to put under your area rugs. Our hope is that you will be a more informed consumer, and your money will be well spent.

1) Different kinds of rug pads are meant for use under different kinds of rugs. Rug pads can be flat, springy, or a combination of each. They are made from rubber, synthetic fibers, or a blend of both. There are rug pads that are meant only for use between your area rug and wall-to-wall carpet. Depending on the type of rug you have – flatwoven or with a pile, and how it’s utilized in your home – in a heavy traffic area or where a door swings over it, we would suggest one pad over another.

2) Many rug pads are not washable, and need to be replaced if your pet has accidents. Pet urine travels through your area rugs and is absorbed by the rug pads beneath them. Odors and bacteria can get trapped in your rug pads when your pets have accidents. If you have your rug cleaned, but forget about the pad under it, your pet will likely detect the scent and go back to that area again. If your rug pads are rubberized, in general, they cannot be cleaned.

3) Rug pads break down over time and with use, and need to be replaced every few years. With many footsteps comes wear, and once your rug pad starts to break down, it’s no longer to do its job. Rubberized rug pads may actually adhere to the floor, and thicker cushions will no longer protect your rugs from wearing thin in the traffic areas when their fibers start to become compressed and damaged. Sadly, most rug pads are not recyclable and eventually end up in a landfill.

4) Some rug pads can be expensive, but with rug pads, you typically get what you pay for. Pre-packaged rug pads found at the big box store are affordable, but they break down quickly and need to be replaced frequently. Premium rug pads found at Oriental rug retailers can be pricy, but they are meant to last several years.

5) Forget EVERYTHING you just learned about rug pads! At Lovejoy’s, we carry a line of rug pads that breaks all the rug pad rules we’ve lived by for decades! In addition to a built-in moisture barrier to help protect your floors from pet urine damage, our rug pads are:
– Affordable
– Washable
– Durable
– Odor-free
– Recyclable – Made from recycled materials
– Made in the USA

The next time your rugs come in for cleaning, ask us to show you the different types of rug pads that we carry. We’re always happy to help you select the best kind of pad for your rugs!